World Natural Hair Show - Workshop Fashion Header
World Natural Hair Show - Workshop Fashion Header

Your hair is fly and you’re flexing your beat-up makeup to the fullest—what about your wardrobe? At WNHHLE, you can treat yourself to several classes and sessions on the latest fashion trends, fashion do’s and don’ts, ethical apparel, personal styling, and how to sport fashionable attire from head to toe for every occasion without breaking the bank.  Whether it’s adjusting what’s in your closet to accommodate a recent weight change or picking out the right accessories to give old outfits new life, we’ve got you covered.

Pursuing a Fashion Career with No Degree

Instructor: Vivian Westwood

People from all over the world share the same dream of breaking into the fashion industry. Unfortunately, most of these dreamers simply cannot commit to full-time education or training. In turn, a whole world of talent, passion and enthusiasm goes to waste. Learn key steps to starting your own career In the fashion industry without […]

Get The Look Without Breaking The Bank

Instructor: Melodie Stewart

Very few have the budget to dress like the celebrities we see on social, on TV or in magazines. Just because someone has money doesn’t mean the can buy style. In this workshop attendees will learn how to create stylish looks with items in their closet. Attendees will also learn to create trend worthy looks […]

Top It Off: Looks from Head to Toe

Instructor: Lu’Seane Henley

Your makeup and favorite accessory can take your outfit from daytime fabulous to nighttime glamorous! In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of how to bring your entire look together from head to toe. Get ready to turn heads with simple but flawless makeup tricks and on-the-fly fashion tips. Top it off! Yaaasss, Sis!

ISSaWrap: Headwrapping Hacks & Techniques While Protecting Your Hair

Instructor: Kimmy Waajid

Are you a headwrap queen in search of more wrapping techniques?  Kimmy Waajid, an Afrocentric Wrap Artist, will demonstrate quick & easy PROTECTIVE headwrap regimens using Ghanaian wax print fabric! After taking this class, you’ll learn how to properly maintain and care for your hair underneath your headwrap!