Train Like a Pro

Instructor: Precision Step Performance LLC

14 Mar 2019

Over the past few decades, the incident of chronic health conditions- such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease- has come to a rise. A large part of this is due to modern technology and automation. While productivity and efficiency rise, the requirement for our bodies to move and work during activities of daily living continues decline. The human body and mind is in search of new information to program into it functional daily pattern. Plyometric functional movement and motor behavior/control will be introduced to you in our training program in a fun but effective way. ~ We will focus on the following: Correct form Functional Movement Balance and Stability Core Strength Developing this type of skill set will minimize the risk of chronic pain/injury and diseases. Maintaining a active lifestyle is vital when trying to live a healthy life style. The series of drills, stretches and information passed from trainer to client will improve muscular dysfunction, posture and movement. Learning the correct way to properly exercise will ultimately prevent injuries from occurring and create a long term healthy life for the client.

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