Dr. Nancy J. Williams

Detoxing, Nutrition and Less Stress

Sat. & Sun. TBD  | Classroom: TBD

Most diseases in the body are created because of 3 key areas: toxicity, malnutrition and excessive stress. You will learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of toxicity in the body, and the benefits from a good detox program and a healthy diet. Learn how a healthy body promotes healthy hair, and many other facts on health and nutrition.

Dr. Eshe

Womb Wellness

Sun. TBD  | ClassroomTBD

In 90 minutes, change your life. Recognize that what you put on your body (clothes, perfumes, fabrics) creates your hair, your womb wellness or (dis-ease), and your health. Understand what a healthy womb is like and how to remove “situations” from your life.


Dr. Marilyn Johnson

Aromatherapy - Scents and Starters

Sat. & Sun. TBD  | Classroom: TBD

Aromatherapy is the ancient art of using pure and essential oils to heal and balance the mind, body & spirit. This workshop will reveal how to use oils such as rosemary, lavender, geranium, lemon, jasmine, and tea tree to improve memory, relieve depression, and repair damaged skin, hair, and nails. You will not want to miss the healing journey to perfect health.

Ivana Griggs

Candle Making 101

Sun. TBD  | Classroom: TBD 

This course will open up for you the amazing array of possibilities that exist in your pursuit to create beautiful, functional, and sweet smelling candles,from basic container candles to all natural candles. Once you’ve learned how to design and craft your product using countless combinations of scent, color, and containers, you will be given the tools to take yourself on a journey to candle making. Each student will take home their custom candle and a worksheet.


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