Sunday April 22, 2018

Check in 12:00 p.m. | Competition Begins 1:00 p.m.

Registration Fee: $50 (nonrefundable/nontransferable)

Note: $25 Admin fee will apply for entries submitted after April 13th, 2018

-Registration includes entry for the barber and one model into the exhibit hall.

1st Place $250 plus Premiere Clipper set

2nd Place $150 plus Premiere Clipper set

3rd Place $100 plus Premiere Clipper set

Style: Faded Corporate Mowhawk/Mowhawk Temp

Model Requirements: Models must have 2 Inches of hair length on the top of their head or higher. Models must not have pre-cut lines or shape ups. Hair will be cut to no lower than 1 ½ on top, to bald on the sides.

Judging Criteria: Barbers will be judged on speed, the blend of the fade, the precision of the line and overall cleanliness of the haircut.

Max Time: 15 mins

• All competitors and models must be 18 years and older to participate.
• All contestants must bring a live models and barbering tools to participate in the competition.
• Competitors must create the “Faded Corporate Mowhawk” in 15 minutes or less.
• The “Faded Corporate Mowhawk” is defined as a faded hair cut in the style of a Mowhawk that is not faded to the point of being inappropriate in the corporate setting.
• No color detail, hair fiber or liquid fiber spray, no high beam.
• Competitors and models should report dressed and prepped. Separate prep area will not be provided.
• No clipper or razor pre-work may be done on the model before the competition. If your model is a regular client, he or she must have 2 weeks of visible stubble at the hairline, temple, and beard/sideburn area.
• All models hair must be cut at the competition. Competitor is not allowed to cut, trim, shape or pre-set models hair before the competition begins.
• If designs are added to the cut, they must be done do within the 15 mins allotted for the haircut.
• Competitors must show transformation of the model’s hair. The judges will inspect the model’s hair during the competition check in. Violation of this rule will result in point deduction and or disqualification.
• Judging will be conducted on a visual basis only. Judges will use a point system from one (lowest possible score) to ten (highest possible score).
• Competitor must execute the style with in the allotted 15 minutes allotted. If a competitor is not finished with his or her style their model will be judged from where they stop after the 15 minutes.
• All competitors must check in at the competition registration area 1 hour prior to the competition start time. If a competitor is late they will forfeit their participation in the competition and entry fee.
• There is a limit of 25 competitors in this competition.
• This competition requires 10 competitors for the competition to take place.