Celebrity Stylist Teaira Blount

Maximize your Closet

Sun. TBD  | Classroom: TBD

This course teaches your how to build on what you already own! You don’t need a closet full of entirely new pieces to have a great wardrobe! You’ll learn how to quickly style pieces dressy and casual, as well as learn to spot the best interchangeable pieces for your body type! Balling on a budget isn’t as bad as it seems, you’ll learn how to get the best quality your budget allows. We’ll also discuss trends for the upcoming season(s)and more.

Celebrity Designer Sir Algernon

Secrets to the Perfect Figure Shape Wear for All Body Types

Sat. TBD  | Classroom: TBD

Smooth lines and a flawless silhouette can make or break a fashion statement. Learn how to maximize your curves with the shape wear for all sizes. Say goodbye to dimples and wrinkles. It’s time to feel confident and fabulous regardless of your body type. Celebrity designer Sir Algernon will discuss the importance of proper measurement and fabrics. Come learn the secrets to the perfect figure with shape wear for all body types.

Melodie Stewart

All Things Thrifted (Fly on a Dime)

Sun. TBD  | Classroom: TBD

Do you have an eye for unique style but working your limited budget? Learn the tips and tricks to being fly on a dime. Personal stylist Melodie Stewart will teach consumers how to up-cycle vintage and gently used items as well as how to identify vintage luxury items for a profit. Take your thrifty fashion skills to the next level with this fun and interactive styling class.


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