Sonya Gilkey

Loving My Hair with Style the Natural Way

Sun. TBD | Classroom: TBD

Join Atlanta’s own natural hair care culturist sistah nandi as she helps you discover how to manage and style your natural hair texture. Demonstrations will include how to use creative elements to visualize and apply trendsetting methods for curling, twisting, braiding, and styling locs and natural hair.

Arlette Pender

My Hair is Beautiful

Sat. TBD | Classroom: TBD

My hair is beautiful is a program designed for girls 5-18 years old. Through a series of workshops, our goal is to empower by teaching them to embrace what they see when they look into the mirror. We teach them an “I am beautiful” creed to memorize which affirms their beauty each time they look in the mirror. In addition, we discuss the necessity of heathy hygiene habits and will include free samples for each attendee.

Chenica Racine

Back to Basics

Sun. TBD | Classroom: TBD

This class will be an open discussion in which we will engage the student in basic natural hair care. This is a great class for the newly natural, teens, mothers, and anybody who may have gotten away from the basic elements of caring for natural hair. We will cover everything from recommended at home hair care regimen and best types of products for different hair types to when you should visit your stylist.

Valonne Smith

Girl, Get Your Hair Back

Sat. TBD  | Classroom: TBD

The naturally you hair care workshop is a natural hair class like no other. Founder Valonne Smith will inform and inspire curl friends along their natural hair journey. You will learn invaluable information on what it means to be natural, steps on how to care of your natural hair, and discuss the hair types. Find out exactly your hair type, what specific products to use, styling techniques, and so much more. Come prepared to be educated on your beautiful natural hair.


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